Duties of a Steel Detailer!

Duties of a Steel Detailer!

Building a reliable and safest structure requires precision, accuracy, quality and skillful manpower. Multiple trades are deployed to achieve the same. Steel detailing is one such pivotal and multifaceted trade which plays a vital role in the construction of complex steel structures covering commercial and industrial sectors.

Steel has numerous advantages. It is light, strong, durable and economical. In order to build the impeccable structure, the steel members are utilized based on the design requirements. The members must fit together perfectly and precisely for obtaining the desired structure.

Accomplishing this formidable task requires the aid of steel detailer. He will generate the complete list of each and every structural member by coordinating with the structural engineer, architect, and other technical trades.

The detailer will take the respective design representations and meticulously transforms them into elaborate diagrams for each and every steel member such as beams, trusses, columns, braces, stairs and handrails, metal decking and joists.

Throughout the detailing process, the detailer will work on architectural, structural, civil, mechanical, and electrical drawings and prepares Shop and Erection drawings:

Shop Drawings

The detailer interprets the manufacturing details of each steel member in shop drawings. The fabricator will utilize the shop drawing to produce the required members/pieces. The various information furnished in the shop drawings are:

  • Size
  • Material description
  • Required dimensions
  • Bolting info
  • Welding info
  • Painting requirements
  • Manufacturing conventions
  • Important fabricating instructions

With the help of this detailing plan, the fabricator manufactures the required components.

Erection Drawings

The erection drawing consists of complete information on building the larger structure. With the aid of it, the erection engineer/erector builds the entire structure with the fabricated members. The location and the instructions for joining the fabricated pieces together are depicted as well. In addition, dimensional plans to identify the members, the information about welding, bolting and masonry anchors installation on the site are also provided for the extra reference.

Additional Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Observing the design drawing parameters complying with industry standards such as AISC and AWS
  • Coordinating with the structural engineer and architect for evaluation, before the release of shop drawings to the fabricator
  • Providing top-notch detailing solutions through Tekla, SDS/2, and AutoCAD
  • Evaluating the completeness and accuracy through stringent analysis
  • Monitoring frequent changes in the drawing and update the same on a constant basis.
  • Handling issues arising from the checking and approval process
  • Eliminating back charges and ensure structural safety by providing proper inspection, error-free and accurate solution
  • Passing request for information (RFI) to the relevant parties in case of missing information

The detailer plays a prominent role in the steel detailing process. In order to keep up with today’s on-demand customers, Cronus Steel Detailing is offering complete and flawless detailing solutions for commercial and industrial sectors through skillful detailers.